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Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation

About Therapeutic Recreation

Education and recreation services help people with illnesses, disabilities and other conditions to develop and use their leisure in ways that will enhance their health, functional abilities, independence and quality of life. The Therapeutic Recreation Division coordinates programs at various St. Petersburg locations and are supervised by Nationally Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists (CTRS).

St. Petersburg Parks and Recreation provides accessible programming and reasonable accommodations for people of all abilities. Participation in classes at your neighborhood recreation center is encouraged. Assistance is available for individuals interested in participating in classes offered at any St. Petersburg recreation center. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

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Our Therapeutic Recreation Division offers a variety of seasonal programs for all ages to enjoy.

Fall Programs

Through our programs we strive to:

  • Educate on the constructive use of leisure
  • Reduce boredom
  • Alleviate stress and anxiety
  • Introduce recreation & cultural opportunities
  • Develop self esteem through recreation participation
  • Provide emotional & social support
  • Adapt activities to ensure success of participants

The Arts

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Art activities help to develop several skills, such as fine motor skills and social skills, and help participants expand their knowledge in different art focused areas. We offer four activities focused in the arts and help participants to explore new challenges, expand their knowledge and develop new skills:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Theater Arts
  • Cooking
  • Karaoke

For more information about these programs, visit Parks & Rec Connect

Sports & Fitness

Therapeutic Participants

Sports provides an opportunity for participants to enchance their physcial fitness while developing new skills through the encouragement of stafff. Participants will interact with peers through various sports while developing their motor skills. They will also expereince low impact activities that blend motor and cognitive skills in a fun and social setting. We offer a variety of sports and fitness activities:

  • Team Sports
  • Twilight Exercise Club
  • Shuffleboard
  • Bowling League
  • Balloon Volleyball League

For more information about these programs, visit Parks & Rec Connect

Social Groups and Opportunities

Tasco Teens

Through several social and community activities, participants will learn about social interaction involved in playing games and when taking trips with others. With the help of division staff, participants are able to experience dancing, play games with others and enjoy social activities with their peers. We offer a variety of opportunities to particpants:

  • Community Education Trips
  • Gladden Park Dances
  • Camp Redbird Reunion and Therapeutic Recreation Family Picnic

For more information about these programs, visit Parks & Rec Connect

Camp Redbird and Seasonal Camps

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The Therapeutic Recreation Divison offers several seasonal camps and programs for youth, teens, and adults throughout the year.

During the summer, the division offers Camp Redbird, which consists of three separate programs for youth, teen and adult participants. Reasonable accommodations are assessed and made on an individual and case by case basis.

For more information about seasonal camps and Camp Redbird, contact the Therapeutic Recreation Division at 727-893-7899.