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About Our Parks

  • 2,400 acres of parkland
  • 150+ parks
  • 100+ picnic areas
  • 80+ playground areas
  • 77 athletic fields
  • 76 tennis courts
  • 44 miles of fitness trails
  • 33 football/soccer fields
  • 30 basketball courts
  • 21 boat ramps
  • 18 youth baseball fields
  • 13 regulation baseball fields
  • 11 softball fields
  • 9 volleyball courts
  • 8 miles of Pinellas BlueWay trails
  • 6 dog parks
  • 5 beaches
  • 4 historic sites with Indian Middens
  • 3 skateparks
  • 3 nature preserves
  • 2 disc golf courses
  • 1 Jai-Alai court
  • 1 splash pad

City Beautiful Commission

Looking up at the top of a palm tree canopy

The mission of the City Beautiful Commission is to assist and promote the beautification of St. Petersburg. Formed in 1961 as an adjunct commission, the commission assists with enforcing city statutes, suggesting ordinances to City Council, guiding the Parks and Recreation Department in maintaining the Gizella Kopsick Arboretum - Palm and Cycads, supervising the Gift Tree Program and Paving the Future Brick Program and presenting the annual City Beautification Awards Program.

GIFT TREE PROGRAM: Honor somoeone special to you by planting a tree in their behalf.

Gizella Kopsick Arboretum -
Palms and Cycads

Palm trees and Cycads at the Gizella Kopsick Arboretum

Relax and Learn

The arboretum allows visitors to study and enjoy many exotic and native Florida palms and cycads in one convenient setting. There are more than 500 palms and cycads representing some 150 species from around the world.