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Cosponsored Events

What is a Cosponsored Event?

An average of 90 events take place in the City of St. Petersburg yearly. When you consider there are only 52 weeks in a year, we have a lot going on here. Events like Special Olympics, The Rib Fest, St. Anthony's Triathlon, and Blues Fest are just a few.

How to apply for co-sponsorship?

All requests need to be made annually. NOTE: Fiscal year is October 1 throught September 30.All must have a 501-C3 designation or be associated with a non-profit.

NEW EVENTS - Any new event must be applied for at least six months in advance of the actual event or a $1,200 late fee will be applied.

To be added to the mailing list for your information packet or for more details on cosponsorship, call (727) 893-7441.

Our cosponsored event calendar is broken into four groups:

Group A events are held October, November and December. Application must be completed by January.
Group B events are held January, February and March. Application must be completed by April.
Group C events are held April, May and June. Application must be completed by July.
Group D event are held July, August and September. Application must be completed by October.

Please review the following guidelines prior to completing and submitting your application:

  • As a co-sponsored event, your event will receive an IN NAME ONLY sponsorship designation.
  • The application is due at least six months in advance of the first day of the planned event. Any application not received by that deadline is subject to a late fee. First time event dates will not be booked any earlier than six months prior to the first day of the planned event.
  • The Cosponsored Event Application fee and park permit fee for your event are due at the time of application submission. Your check should be made payable to the City of St. Petersburg. Please mail your check to the below address. Your requested event date and park will not be reserved, nor will your application be processed until the application is fully completed including all appendices and the above fees are paid in full.
  • Must be approved by the St. Petersburg City Council and various City departments.
  • Returning annual events have priority over first time events when selecting dates, parks, and determining the availability of City services and equipment.
  • Must identify the responsible party (president or CEO) of the non-profit or for-profit entity which is the promoter of the event.
  • The proceeds from the co-sponsored event must benefit a non-profit which has a physical presence within the city limits of St. Petersburg.
  • Any promoter who does not have a valid Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption is subject to sales tax.
  • The event must provide an economic benefit to the community and contribute to the quality of life in St. Petersburg.
  • The promoter is required to provide insurance in the coverages and amounts required by the City’s Risk Management Department.
  • The City must be named as a co-sponsor of the event on all printed and electronic promotional materials.
  • The following is required to be added all marketing materials related to the event: To request any particular aids or services pursuant to disability laws, please contact the Community Affairs Division at 727-893-7345 or 727-892-5259 TDD/TTY.
  • The promoter must be capable of meeting all financial obligations incurred by the event.
  • The promoter must have demonstrated the ability to organize public events. First time events and one of a kind non-recurring events are required to pay all event expenses in advance of the event for all City services provided. Payment for City services will be required at least 15 days prior to the start of the event and shall be paid by cash, certified check, or an irrevocable bank letter of credit. First time events will be required to complete a credit application.

  • Once your Application is approved, a City of St. Petersburg Co-sponsored Agreement (“Agreement”) must be signed by president or CEO of the non-profit or for-profit entity which is the promoter of the event. The agreement must be signed not less than 30 days prior to the first day of the event and will contain a cost summary estimate which details the costs incurred for the City to provide services, equipment, or materials requested by the promoter(s) for the event.

Submit the completed application on line, by fax at 727-892-5868 OR by mail to

Lynn Gordon
Parks & Recreation Manager
City of St. Petersburg
Parks & Recreation Department
1400 – 19th Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33713

To assist us with keeping our records current, if you are not the person responsible for completing the application, please forward this information and the Application to the appropriate person and provide us with that person’s contact information.