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Rent Sunshine Senior Center

Rent Sunshine Senior Center

Rental Information

The Sunshine Center is a nationally accredited multi-service center where seniors gather for support, socialization, fitness and/or other services provided for older people. The resources and activities available at this center help many older people remain a vital part of their communities. The center provides a welcoming environment for all seniors in the community interested in taking part in the group atmosphere.

Available to Rent

  • Langer Hall & Kitchen
  • Auditorium
  • Banyan Room
  • Exercise Room
  • Pelican Room
  • Conference Room
  • Park Rentals

Rental Map

sunshineSunshine Senior CenterCity of St. Petersburg*NOT TO SCALEEntranceExerciseRoomConf.RoomPelicanRoomLangerHalland KitchenAuditoriumBanyanRoomFirst FloorSecond Floor