Parks and Recreation

To preserve, protect, maintain and enhance the city's parklands and recreational facilities and engage people in leisure activities that contribute to their quality of life.

It Starts In Parks

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"It Starts in Parks" is an initiative in the state of Florida launched by Florida Recreation and Parks Association. The initiative includes 8 messages: Achievement, Community, Conservation, Economic Development, Health, Heritage, Nature, and Florida's Future. Leisure Services Departments across the state are using these messages to educate the public about the importance of Parks & Recreation.

Achievement: Big achievements in life start with small successes. Like learning how to be part of a team. Or figuring out that excellence comes from a daily commitment of time and hard work. Florida's parks give children a chance to learn those life lessons, to experience success early, and to dream big. Parks build future leaders by giving youth the opportunity to lead. Personal achievement. It starts in parks.

Community: What transforms a crowd into a community? A chance for people to connect. Parks provide that chance. Florida's parks are where lifetime friendships are formed, where the gap between generations is bridged, where people discover what they have in common. How do you grow a hometown with a sense of community? It starts in parks.

Conservation: Air. Water. Land. These are our greatest natural treasures. Yet, a growing population threatens the quantity and quality of these vital resources. Conserving green spaces and waterways for the generations to come is crucial for our very survival. Florida's parks hold a key. Preserving what's precious. It starts in parks.

Economic Development: Parks offer the perfect venue for community and regional events—tournaments, concerts, exhibitions, food festivals—that draw visitors and new dollars into our backyard. A vibrant, growing community. It starts in parks. Health Good Health—Physical activity is the key to maintaining a healthy body weight, preventing disease and feeling better. A growing body of research shows that physically active adults and children are less prone to obesity, diabetes, heart disease- even depression. Florida's parks offer a wide range of free and low-cost opportunities to get out and play. Physical activity and good health. It starts in parks.

Heritage: Ties to our Heritage…One step brings you back in time to the days of European exploration (Spanish Conquistadors) and the Seminole Indians. Tour a reconstructed Seminole chickee, or a fort that has seen two wars and still stands today. Whether we were born and raised on the Florida peninsula, or just moved in yesterday, our rich heritage shapes who we are as Floridians and makes us proud to call Florida our home. Finding our shared heritage. It starts in parks.

Nature: Respect for Nature… Whether it's feeling the sun on your face, learning how things grow or enjoying the awe-inspiring beauty of a summer's day, nature's innovation sustains us from the inside out. Spending time outside reminds us of our unique place in the world. A connection to nature. It starts in parks.

Florida's Future: 1,000 new residents a day. With that kind of relentless population growth, people need a place to connect and form new relationships, to learn about Florida's heritage and its natural treasures – a place to become Floridians. Florida's parks are the place where it all comes together – a sense of community, an appreciation of history and place, respect for nature. How do you weave strangers into citizens? It starts in parks.