Parks and Recreation

To preserve, protect, maintain and enhance the city's parklands and recreational facilities and engage people in leisure activities that contribute to their quality of life.

Boyd Hill Volunteers & Internships

Looking to lend a hand?

To volunteer please call (727) 893-7326.

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

Boyd Hill as a beautiful place to see and appreciate nature but sometimes mother nature could use a little help. We are always accepting volunteer applications.


People in the community looking for meaningful opportunities to connect with nature and share their passion with others are always welcome here at the preserve. Here’s a list of just a few of the opportunities available:

Red indicates a critical need

  • Animal Care
    Birds of Prey, Reptiles
  • Gardening
    Birdscape, Butterfly Gardening, Flowerbed Maintenance,
    Native Plant Propagation
  • Interpretive
    Nature Center Docent, Tram Tours, Walking Tours, School Groups
  • Land Management
    Litter Patrol, Prescribed Burn Prep, Exotic Plant Control
    Vine Control, Plant Survey

How to get started

To begin volunteering fill out the Volunteer Application and Liability waiver.

Next attend an orientation.
You can check our schedule to see when the next one will be held or schedule your own, subject to staff availability by contacting us.

Students and Service Learners

We accept students needing hours for a class such as Eckerd college’s Quest for Meaning, a scholarship, such as Bright Futures or other programs.

Friends of Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

The Friends of Boyd Hill Nature Preserve, formed in 1981, promotes awareness of the park, educates the public, preserves and protects the park. The Friend's mission is to provide volunteer and financial support, for details 727-893-7326.

Enjoy the benefits of Friendship...

  • Become a member 
  • Stay informed with our monthly newsletter, Keeping Track
  • Friends of Boyd Hill members receive a 50% discount on annual passes. Annual Passes are for admission to the trails only.
  • Get special discounts on various nature camps at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve.
    Visit External Link - please view our web policies at the bottom of the page for more information for more information.

Pinellas Pioneer Settlement

The Pinellas Pioneer Settlement Organization is a non-profit, volunteer organization whose mission is to authentically recreate the life styles of Pinellas County pioneers through the relocation or recreation of period buildings and education about the skills, crafts, and social customs of early settlers.

Internship Program

Gain knowledge and experience in the field of environmental science, ecology, forestry or even recreation. Internships offer opportunities for hands on experience and a curriculum that bends to suit the needs of your program.

Get Started

Fill out the Volunteer Application and Liability waiver.

Attend an orientation, check our schedule for next meeting, or schedule your own subject to staff availability by contacting us. Internships are unpaid.

Court Adjudicated Community Service Workers

We occasionally accept workers fulfilling court ordered community service hours.

Work days: Monday - Friday starting at 7 a.m. Ask to speak to a ranger regarding court adjudicated community service. Acceptance at discretion of supervisor.