Parks and Recreation

To preserve, protect, maintain and enhance the city's parklands and recreational facilities and engage people in leisure activities that contribute to their quality of life.


Year Award
2008 Florida League of Cities’ “2008 City Innovations Showcase” –
Palm Paradise Educational Program
2008       Workplace Wellness Award (Step Up Pinellas)
2008 Playful City USA Award
2008 Florida Council on Aging Award - Outstanding Member (Jay
2008 NRPA/NTRS Therapeutic Recreation - Individual Citation Award (Cory Kapes)
2008 - 2006 Named A100 Best Communities for Young People@
2013 - 1986 Tree City USA Awards
2008/2005/2002 ASSET Accreditation for Teen Programs
2007 FRPA It Starts In Parks Media Award
2007 Florida Department of Elder Affairs - Elder Ready Community Award for Health and Wellness
2007 - 2003 Keep Florida Beautiful Award – Coastal Clean-up Award
2006 NAI (National Association of Interpretation) Media Award 2006
2006 - 2005 Keep Pinellas Beautiful Award – Interstate Section
2006/2001 National Council on Aging/National Institute of Senior Centers –Sunshine Center Accreditation
2005 American Horticultural Society Environmental Award
2005 Special Olympics Organization of the Year Award
2003 Keep Florida Beautiful Annual Award for Outstanding Government Partner
2002 Florida Council on Aging - Service to Seniors Organization Award
2002 National Institute of Seniors - Directors Award (Jay Morgan)
2000 NRPA/NTRS Therapeutic Recreation Organization Citation Award
1999 FRPA Agency Excellence Award (Facilities)
1997 FRPA Innovative Programs -- Green Thumb Festival
1997 FRPA Innovative Programs Award – City of St. Petersburg Organizational Division
1997 FRPA Landscape Maintenance Award
1983 NRPA Gold Medal Award – Grand Award Winner
1981 NRPA Gold Medal Award Finalist